Jim Hamerly

Hi!  I live in southern California with my wife Peggy.  Peggy and I have been married for 52+ years, have four grown children, five young grandsons and one granddaughter! You can find out more about me (vocations, avocations, interests, some special projects) below.

My Vocations

Entrepreneurship, business, science, electrical engineering & computer science, grand-parenting, husbanding, and teaching, solar power generation, debunking fraudulent green-washing schemes and people (e.g. COTAPs, or Carbon Offsets To Alleviate Politicians), forestry, hiking, growing Sequoias, building tree houses, geothermal greenhouses, etc., see below. I've changed my vocation about every five years, except for the parenting and husbanding part, that has been steady work. Here is a somewhat dated resume, if you're interested in that sort of data, or better yet, check out my LinkedIn account or numerous Facebook pages (personal, work1, work2, etc.) or Instagram accounts.

My Avocations

I took a hiatus from the worlds of science, engineering, and business in 2001 to complete home-schooling my daughter Sue, my son Tim (two of our four children) along with my wife Peggy, who is a real teacher.  Peggy was the brains in our school, I taught the math and science curriculum and attempted to provide rudimentary administrative control of the pupils.

Prompted by my older daughter Kim, I started teaching at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) and at California State University at San Marcos (CSUSM).I had taught many years before at CMU and in the MIT High School Studies Program. My specialty is teaching entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship (entrepreneurship within a large organization), for which I have about 30 years work experience. I also enjoy teaching a range of business subjects (see courses listed at right) with a definite technical and quantitative bent. It appears that my students enjoy my somewhat unorthodox teaching style.

Hitting a new 5 year plateau, I left my position as Director of Business Community Relations for the College of Business Administration at CSUSM. Among other things, I oversaw the Senior Experience Program. 20 years, over 1,400 projects,5,500 students, and over 1,600,000 hours of service to the local community.

I also served in the Faculty Mentoring Program, and act as faculty advisor to the Entrepreneurship Society, the Network Marketing Society, Sigma Iota Epsilon, a National Honorary and Professional Society, and to The Jordan , a Christian-based service organization.

Then I retired for the ~3rd time to do business consulting, re-establishing Paseo Technology. I spent most of my time helping young startups, many from former students. I still taught from time-to-time at the University (e.g. "In the Trenches", fall 2014).

In 2014, I accepted the position of interim dean, then dean, of the College of Business Administration at CSUSM, where I served for seven years. I then retired for about the 4th time and am back to helping young startups only this time, almost exclusively alumni startups from my University. And I still coach/mentor/advise former students and business owners pro-bono.

Community Service

I also serve on the Boards of numerous start-up companies, and do community service in several ways, formerly as chairman of the Palomar Mountain Planning Organization and the Board of the Vista Chamber of Commerce. and cleanventure.org, a cleantech and renewable energy incubator, and two other regional business incubators I helped to start. See also the Senior Experience Program, where we do about 100+ community service projects per year. I also mentor, both formally and informally, numerous students and alumni from both CSUSM and MIT and have been doing so for about 40 years. I currently serve as a boar member for San Diego County's Palomar Mountain Community Sponsor Group. Among my interests and passions are several items listed below; be sure to check out my treehouse project, my geothermal greenhouse, as well as the much more significant home building project. I am also active in my church.

More fun stuff...

I enjoy doing things with my family, especially around our home. Make sure to check out my completed, all solar-powered, off-grid home building project, as well as my section on Palomar Mountain. And yes, there is a Hamerly Electric Company, which recently reached a milestone of over 2,000 Megawatts of solar power generation. I've always got dozens of "special projects" going. See, for example my growing of Sequoiadendron giganteum as part of my cap and trade agreement with Al Gore. You can also buy carbon credits directly from me here. I believe I may have the largest grove of sequoias in southern California! I do research of southern California sequoias and have cataloged and located over 700 sequoias in the San Jacinto, San Bernardino, and Palomar Mountain.

I also enjoy hiking and running, competing in sprint triathlons, driving my very capable 1985 Ford F250 and my more capable 2001, now 2015, Porsche.



Here are a few of the courses I teach or have recently taught:

  • In the Trenches with Entrepreneurs
  • Intrapreneurship & Corporate Venturing
  • Customer Analysis (Marketing)
  • Decision Making (Decision Theory)
  • Directed Studies (Entrepreneurial Program)
  • Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship
  • Information Systems (undergraduate)
  • Operations Management (undergraduate)
  • Operations Management (graduate)
  • Production Systems and Operation Management (undergraduate)
  • Problem Assessment and Analysis (Senior Experience)

Am I any good? See what my former students have said. Some of my recent students at UCSD (photo) and CSUSM (video).


Contacting Me:

Email: online since 1975...
hamerly@gmail.com (best for personal)
jim@paseotechnology.com (best for business)
jhamerly@csusm.edu (best for research)

twitter: @hamerly
linkedin: http://www/linkedin.com/in/jhamerly Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jhamerly

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hamerly/

A photo from my treehouse project: