Why limit yourself to Earth Day, April 22nd?


Make it an Earth Century or even longer by participating below!


COTAPs, or Carbon Offsets To Alleviate Politicians

Buy your carbon credits here...carbon sequestration program at work!

Plant a tree through us, we do the work (seed, plant, cultivate), the environment reaps the benefits, and you ditch the guilt for all the pollution you are generating! Don't participate in any of those fraudulent "greenwash" programs, use us as your genuiune carbon sink.

When the sun is shining, our trees will perform photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide into carbohydrates, releasing oxygen in the process. Note that forests store 86% of the planet's above-ground carbon and 73% of the planet's soil carbon.

A large tree can absorb and convert up to 50 pounds of CO2 into oxygen annually. So planting a tree now only costs you $12, and you reap the benefits of not feeling guilty about driving an 8 mpg SUV, running your air conditioner, your gas lawnmower, or heating your home in winter!

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a small, fuel-efficient Geo Metro emits 9,200 pounds of CO2 a year (based on 15,000 miles). A Ford F-150 pickup truck emits 18,500 pounds of CO2, and a Dodge Durango, discharges 21,100 pounds of CO2 annually. The official World Resources Institute conversion rate that we use in our carbon calculator is 19.564 pounds of CO2 per gallon of gas.

We have 1,000 brand new cedar seedlings ready to go, but they're going fast, so act now! Don't miss this tremendous opportunity. If you drive a Cadillac Escalade, you'll only need to plant about 800 to fully offset your guilt!

Note: If you plan to live longer than 100-150 years, you may wish to read the Disclaimer below.

One of our fully-grown trees can transform about 30 pounds of carbon dioxide into life-giving oxygen every year. Tree foliage filters dust and and can help remove toxic pollutants from the atmosphere. The foliage captures and removes a wide range of smog-producing compounds such as ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, airborne ammonia and some sulphur dioxide.


Disclaimer: These 12 carbon credits are actually only good for about 100-150 years. After that time, the tree will die, fall to the ground, and decompose. The act of decomposition will demand oxygen uptake (that you had paid to release in its growth stages) and bind chemically to the stored carbon of the tree, producing carbon dioxide, defeating the purpose of planting the tree in the first place, but do you care? You'll be long dead! However, if you plan to live more than 100-150 years, then consider a $1,000 carbon credit for planting a Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum). They'll keep you guilt free for at least 300 years and likely much, much longer.